Maybe i will go vegan

do you think free range is acceptable form of farming

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Mar 27, 2017
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  1. Omnivore
hey so i been watching these food docos and kinda suprised the more research i do the more the truth comes out im at the point now i find it hard to eat meat and i have swiched to organic beans and shizz

i want to go vegan but the genral public are so stupid they copy one another eg one guy says vegans are dumb then they all join the hatewagon meanwhile the major companys are making money of these dumb people lol

if only people knew what was in there 'food' i love animals do i think animals are food yes and no let me explain is raising animals for food wrong yes if it is eg these chickens raised in a barn that never see daylight have disease and are in such poor condition why the hell would u eat them the eggs they lay would have little nutritional value

however if the animal has lead a healthy happy life and is killed instantly with no fear or pain then i think it would be allright but seeing that you cannot see how the meat u buy is killed and has lead its life how does one know the animal hasnt been suffering since birth

its sad people think of meat as a product and not an animal

sad thing is we as humans are so stupid and selfish that we are destroying not only each other but animals and the very earth we have why the companys are making money off it? there will be no earth to even use the way we are going

it all comes down to greed

so as a new person to the thaught of going vegan i would apprecate some material i can view in terms of recipes or supplements a vegan needs like b12 iron etc

Jamie in Chile

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Jan 3, 2016
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  1. Vegetarian
Yes, go vegan, you should try it, it is a great lifestyle for ethical and environmental reasons mostly. I agree with your points. I have written this about vegan nutrition to help with this kind of enquiry:
I am not much good for specific recipes, but you can just google vegan recipes, I am sure there will be plenty of results.
Good luck!