Mass Effect 3 Romances


Crafty Wino
Jun 25, 2012
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Dundee, Scotland, UK
Anyone who playind ME3, especially those who were there from the start, what romances did you pursue?

I started off from ME1 romancing Liara, and found her ME2 romance unsatisfying, opting for Tali in the end. I replayed with no romance when the Lair Of The Shadow Broker came out, hoping for a good Liara romance in ME3.

When she seemed mostly cold to me, I felt jilted, and accidentally entered a romantic dialogue with Kaidan. After my initial surprise, it just seemed right for Kaidan & Shepard to discover a deep love for eahother, and now I see Shepard as a bisexual-gay character.

Did anyone else have surprising turns of romantic events? Or was your Shepard defined from day one?


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Jun 27, 2012
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I'm one of the 5 or so people who only bought ME3 for the multiplayer (which is terrible. I never imagined such a popular game would have such awful gameplay) so I haven't been through the campaign yet. I don't have the first two games and I'm told it wouldn't make much sense to me if I started now, or something. I don't have to get them on Origin though, fortunately, so maybe on steam someday...