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I am kind of resentful and angry. I begin vvriting and belovv is hovv it shapes as I have pretty much ended up deciding that I vvould share blog vvith the mother, father and brother and sister to me. This related to thoughts about making like a family vviki of enlightenment/dynamical comprehension, vvhich I vvould not have been the sole contributor to; obviously. Hovvever that vvas in 2015/2016, before all the things I vvas put through happened and vvhile having greencard, connected to various other circumstances and not compatible vvith vvhat happened - hereunder the loss of greencard.

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Progression of addiction
The progression of addiction from a seemingly predicted non-addicted lifesituation; incompatabilities and strain.

A personal story of mine; I entered school, here I did not partake in various "behaviors" and lingual acts that vvas deemed "vvrong".

Slovvly and obviously predictably I vvas inspired by peers; svvearing, habits such as pants lovvered at behind and other small things like this.

Vvhile these may not have been an issue for the other kids; I had a norm-divergent incompatability, likely due to background strain, causing a situation of being like "grabbed" by the collective streams that such behaviors connect to.

Hereby I infer lingual streams, behavioral streams and things such as clothing styles that both manifest and is a stream in itself; affecting vvhom and hovv you interact vvith others, this in turn affecting future choices based on hovv such shapes and molds you.

The other kids, for vvhom taking on such may only have been a resource drain on their backgrounds; possibly even a transformance of such culture, vvould not suffer being like svvallovved upon connection. Hereby obviously also background carrying points of behavior that the child could end up taking up them.

The effects of soap can be drained overtime; depending on hovv much and hovv often such is used. Not that homelessness and not taking baths vvork, hovvever minimalism just massively decreases need for cleaning as does zero-vvaste. A person can be perceived to have like a quota, although cleaning is necessary. This particularly the case for things such as inecological cleaning. The killing of microbiology, vvhile such also occur upon not cleaning through the strain and damage - lacking a naturally self-regulating environment due to the vvay of living in houses, also causes a strain. The loss, the death, makes like holes that needs to be filled.

Furthermore the cleaning products are entered into the sevvage system and here a "collective karma" is present; the damage involved on microbial cultures and the resiliency grovvth to cleaning products being factors.

Rather than cleaning using soap and the heavily-strainful vacuum cleaner, minimalizing items, svvitching to eco-consumption and staying avvay from flesh-farming involved endeavours can be more than simply useful; unlocking cleaning later in an actually sustainable manner.

Observe that the soap bottle; needs to be cleaned as vvell.

The usage of toilet paper, highly consumptive. Vvater vvaste the same. Observing that forests, in Scandinavia, provides plenty of akin to toilet paper; the leaves that have fallen from the trees. Not only far more eco-friendly, also healthier. Hovvever the average person cannot just go to the forest and take a dump due to the harmful consumption and eating these do.

Having survived for at least a month vvithout really living in the apartment (less than 5 days) and not having used vvashing machines I have learned that clothes frankly like clean themselves, also from smell, sleeping in the forests. The natural environment unstraining, microbiology cleaning rather than adding further strain to keep the clothes clean (using vvashing machine). Its amazing that such is possible, though its also based on recycled clothes and akin. Shoes though and socks is an issue.

---------- ----------

Decided to fast today. Today I vvas not forced into such, not financially at a loss on such a point and akin. Though frankly in all honesty I do not overall have the finance for the rest of this month, that thus also affecting the choice I make.

AA's big book is on display at museum, though this part still AA'atory in nature though much of it things I vvorked on previously to knovving AA, the thinking the same.
See a joy of Sacrificing Anonymous.

The blackouts described in AA's big book. The method of taking a pill in order to be able to "push through" a vveek and become able to surpass various issues; sacrificing anonymous, the method, generates a situation of spiking on health such as living solely on eco-foods or completely on fairtrade, things like that; similarly generating a spike (both a kind of unstraining enabling pushing through and disconnecting from collective streams).
AA-atory part past

-- --

Need to get to Nivaa to "tell place goodbye" and see if I can knock on door of people I knevv in the past and tell these goodbye. One namely.

For that though, either a rented bike is necessary (financially restrained) or train (microbiologically restrained; its okay to go to meetings to avoid .. possibly unstraining through ending relations is an acceptable one as vvell if such hinders/cancels out relapse and overall strain).

-- -- --

See because of the shaping of content to cause specific things to happen and not happen, particularly upon sharing vvith "family"; content gets lost and I become unable to share the parts there and vvrite it in 12 step foras instead. Not that such is good motivation, though having the alternative means there is room for errors. Not okay to cause such to happen vvithin 12 step programme or to feed 12 step programme specific things though, obviously.

I cannot accept food nor akin; that gets used to forcefeed me specific things (hereunder having a lack of finance) - only having surplus and access..

I lose out on ecology, fairtrade foods (not that I should move to Copenhagen) hovvever I feel this overall likely is a hindered grovvth due to the fears involved at psychiatric places, prisons and other such places vvhere really horrible foods are served; fear of having done harm and akin to. Hospitals the same.

One of the things I Had been really happy about vvhen I smoked as I vvas progressing tovvards quitting
Access to fairtrade and ecological vveed, frankly also locally grovvn for less transport lines. Indeed, there are more addictions vve suffer than marijuana. Vve are also isolated and it seems like vve function smoking vveed. Sacrificing addiction..


Strange is it not? Hovv its made to seem like I have such control and its all going vvell, also in feeling; at least to something. Despite being in this massive fight/feud/survival situation vvhere psychiatry and some massive exploitation of me is going on. Really makes me sad; yet obviously not having an issue on points psychiatry involved, the situation being exploited as I cannot communicate a lot of things in fear of psychiatry suddenly filling me vvith drugs, harmful food, sugar and forcing me to reply to harmful questions in a manner corrupting the soul that is a part of me (not the external parts that pretends to be the soul that is me).

This scary thought; something hiding behind our immune systems. Real food for that disease; sclerosis.

I.e. see, I am dangerous, I need to be silenced.

Dont ask. I magically forgot to add.

entropy selected content:

Cambridge Analytica Facebook Controversy
refers to an ongoing accusation that the data mining and analysis firm Cambridge Analytica harvest information from more than 50 million Facebook profiles without the permission of the users. The company used this information to build software that could predict and influence the political opinions in favor of then-presidential nominee Donald Trump during the 2016 Presidential election.

If you notice the kind of fun thing about this; hovv its so vvrong that data is "harvested" vvithout permission.
the quotation mark highlighting the vvord, harvested. (may be dysfunctional symbolism, I apologize if so).
Then, do vve harvest from the plants of fields vvith their permission?
See hovv much vve are told through memes? vvhom needs education.. (iJoke, its just massively excessive).
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