Lchf and vegan in same household?


Mar 19, 2017
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Hey folks!

Just hopefull I can get a little advice please. Long story short, I was a run of the mill Veggie for 22 years or so, then met my wife, moved to Sweden and started over. I stayed a Veggie for a while but then the pressure of a small budget made my lifestyle diet impossible. After that my wife went LCHF for health reasons and frankly I've been getting increasingly unhappy with the lack of autonomy I have and that eating/living in a way that is wrong for the self really impacts you more than you think.

Problem is that I don't want to pressure her in anyway to alter her LCHF as it's been really great for her but I want to change too. I'm not worried by situations where unusual diets are a problem anyway, eating out and travelling are tricky with LCHF anyway, but about shared home meals. I've no idea how to combine LCHF and Vegan at the dinner table, short of cooking two entirely different meals.

Budget is workable now, Sweden is great for ingrediants so no worries there, but approaching the conversation with her and the logistics of how to actually make it *work* are going to be a nightmare, so much so that I've been putting it off for so long..

Thanks in advance for any advice!