Ladies, advice please! stopping birth control in the new year

Lenore Nevermore

Nov 25, 2018
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After six years of being on birth control against my will (my mother forced me in high school,) I have finally made the decision to no longer take it, mainly due to being vegan. I do not want any animal products or other nasty ingredients in my body any longer. What should I be expecting in terms of period problems and is there anything I can do to improve my cycles once they go all out of whack? (Unfortunately my pill pack runs out in the middle of my period) I have always had extremely irregular periods and was once anemic because I had my period for so long. Since I started the pill when I was 16, I can't predict what my body will do now. (22 now) My husband is mostly supportive of my decision, but I want to be extra prepared in continuing to prevent pregnancy. Even with being on the pill, I still closely monitor my cycle and when I'm ovulating, so I know when it is and isn't safe to have sex (and yes, I am aware that sperm lives up to 5 days) We are rarely sexually active, usually only once every 1-3 months because I have a slew of health problems and having sex often goes against my spiritual beliefs. I am curious if there is any effective way of detecting the chance of pregnancy when my period is irregular and I can't properly track my ovulation. I've heard of a thermometer that claims to have 93% accuracy, but you can never be too sure.
Maddie Lymburner has a video about a device that she uses - maybe it will be helpful for you.

Emma JC