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Nov 20, 2018
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Southern California, USA
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We are seeing a lot of 'push-back' from the animal ag and dairy industries surrounding food labeling with the words "milk" and "meat," as if they own those terms. I think we as vegans should be preemptively pushing back ourselves. We should be demanding that packaged animal flesh should carry with it the actual name of the animal from which it comes. Words like "brisket," "sirloin," and "chuck" should be "cow chest," "cow hip," and "cow shoulder," and "milk" should be required to be labeled as *cow* milk. I will never understand how the dairy industry became the sole owner of the word "milk" - it's totally ridiculous. Humans and plants make milk, too, and plant milks have been around for centuries. Clothing made of animal skin should be required to be labeled "cow skin," not just "leather." All these words are designed to remove the truth and depersonalize the product to keep people out of touch with what they are purchasing. Every time I see an item of clothing labeled as "leather," I want to know whose skin they used, KWIM? I would like it to be right there on the label. And "PU leather," when it is PU bonded to animal skin should be explicitly required to be labeled as such - something like "PU-bonded *cow* skin."

With all of the bills that are actually be passed to require plant milks to remove the word milk (which I think it totally wrong), why isn't PETA stepping up with their own demands to require "milk" to include the word *cow* on the label so that it's completely clear what people are purchasing? IMO, I think we need to beat them to the punch. In essence, they are the ones committing acts of fast advertising.

Is there a petition called "End False and Misleading Advertising in the Animal Ag Industry?" Cuz I'd be all over that.