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Dec 25, 2019
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Hey guys again, so, humm... I've been on a vegan diet for almost 2 months, it feels pretty good, but I often find my energy levels scaling up and down... I'm aware I'm still going through an adjustment phase and I'm also doing some deep inner work (I work with reiki, energy healing for those of you aware of what it consists of even though I'm new to that as well). Let's say I've been taking on a lot of things on my own, too much... And am now experiencing the effect of wanting to do all at once! So today I actually ate octopus, it was my decision to do so, a huge crave feeling came up during the evening and I went along with it, on my own accord, because I've honestly been feeling spaced out with all these new changes, including food.

All my family eats meat, my mom included and I still live with her so it's been kinda hard to maintain this on my own... Obviously I need to set up my mind and move forward, without moving back, but it's easier said than done, so I'd like to at least get some help from you, online angels! :)

I've been conducting a research on food that is a must-eat for vegans and came up with the following list:

- Avocado, blueberries, banana, grapes, oats,brown rice/buckwheat/whole grains, mushrooms (vitamin D other than sun exposure), dry fruits (nuts, peanuts, chia and pumpkin seeds), cacao (my choice due to high amount of health benefits), veggies, leafy greens (broccoli, spinach, watercress...), spirulina + clorela, B12 supplement, and lemon/lime, mostly lemon for a detoxifying body effect.

Every morning I'd pretty much eat a bowl with oats or corn flakes, peanuts, nuts, chia and pumpkin seeds, and fruit chunks (I swap them around to innovate... banana with blueberries and red berries for example with either soy or coconut milk).

Lunch time would be like brown rice with carrot, cucumber, hummus, and red peppers (an example).

Dinner time: Something similar to lunch time, a bit different or just a nice vegetable soup with seeds for example. I make sure to eat 3 times a day so as to let my body focus on healing anything that's to be healed... (It can't really do it if it's busy digesting food all day).

Could I be provided with some tips for a newbie transitioning (I'd say?), especially on meal planning and so forth.

Much appreciated, thank you very much for your time friends and wish you all a wonderful time!
Well, I could give you a long list of stuff. but to repeat a cliche, no reason to reinvent the wheel.

The groundwork has already been done by Dr. Gregar.

He calls it the daily dozen. He even has an app for that. but I just printed this page out (see link below), and laminated it and hung it up on the frig with a dry erase pen.

Two things to know tho.
At first, it looks like a lot of food but check out the serving sizes. Some of the servings are just a tablespoon or two.
Also, think of it as a goal. I don't check every box every day. but i try.

What Lou said.
That, and I see no mention of beans or legumes. Or quinoa.
And don't forget to factor in other aspects of health that affect your overall health and well-being, like exercise, sleep, and a daily dose of sunshine (or a Vit. D supplement if you can't get that).
Welcome to the group and many congratulations on giving up animal products even though your family eats meat. I can understand that. I still cook meat and eggs for my husband, and sometimes my teen if he's in the mood to eat. Its hard.
@Lou and @TofuRobot have given excellent advice.
I am a newbie still too, but what i can tell you is you need to be kind with yourself. Each day is a new beginning. You are doing a lot of good, for yourself, the whole planet and the animals.