Jewish Apple Cake Modifications

Dec 9, 2019
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North Central Pennsylvania
I have been stumped over my grandmother's apple cake recipe, which I'd like to modify to make it vegan. Has anyone ever replaced FOUR eggs with flax eggs or Ener G? I want to be sure it'll work before I waste a bunch of staples and good apples. The original recipe has a dense, moist pound cake with tons of apples and cinnamon and I make it in a tube pan but,unfortunately,four eggs. Anything else I should add to replace some of the liquid? Aquafaba,maybe?
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Jan 1, 2020
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Eggs are usually just binder and easily replaced with whatever you like, but with 4 eggs it makes me wonder whether the beaten eggs are the only source of leavening in the recipe. If that's the case, you're going to need something more than flax to get your cake to rise. I'd use Ener G, and I've never had it fail me.

Since you don't want to gamble, here's a vegan recipe for Jewish Apple Cake and you can compare your recipe to it for reassurance before you put in the effort. (I, too, dislike wasted time, effort and ingredients.)

Good luck!
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Jun 5, 2012
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Somewhere in the South
It's baking powder that makes cakes rise not the eggs unless they are whisked. I make a Somerset style apple cake and replace the egg with extra plant based milk.

Emma JC

Jun 15, 2017
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Aquafaba is also a good idea as it can fluff up the same as egg whites can. Maybe cut the recipe in half into two bowls and try some of each suggestion in each bowl and see which you prefer? I have been making my mom's raisin loaf recipe recently and gradually replacing some of the original ingredients with others, like almond flour for some of the white flour and ground flax for some of the white flour, and it turns out perfectly fine and there are no eggs in it at all. It is dense, as an apple cake would be and I'll bet whatever you use it will still taste awesome as it is the apples and spices that add the taste. Ground chia seeds are also a great alternative, mixed with warm water, of course. Grinding them first in a bullet makes a big difference and a 3/1 ratio of water/ground seeds works well and would add a bit of a poppy seed look.

Emma JC
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