Dec 20, 2018
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Been thinking about buying one of theses jackets

Black Diamond Stance Belay Parka ...but not shore if it's fully vegan I have contacted black diamond ....but not had a reply
Also done the same with this Montane Mens Flux Jacket
Both jackets seem to be vegan just need to no what they use to colour the jackets
Does anyone own the jackets and can help me
Yours greatfull
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you made the right move by contacting the company first. I do this all the time when I need to know if vague food ingredients are vegan or not.

hopefully you hear back from them soon, otherwise a company with bad customer service doesnt deserve your business anyways
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Black diamond got back to me and said they don't use any animal products in this jacket but is not certified as vegan
And montane also got back to me and said they don't use any animal products in there jacket as far as they no but cannot certify that the factory where they are made make lots of other branded jacket ....so they don't no about the dyes
Uuuuuum......the montane is a better fit according to there sizing .......so it looks like I ll have to keep looking
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Thanks Lou
I no what you mean ....Iam having problems finding a jacket because I have changed style and brand
May be I I should go back to the brand I've been buying for the last 10 years
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