Is this man telling a lot of truth about our world??? (youtube video)


Feb 21, 2019
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As the saying goes, "Money makes the world go round". But how true and how deep is this truth?

This man might be telling a lot of truth about our political and our economic systems. A must see YouTube link of him at a protest below:

Also I found out this man is part of a movement called the Zeitgeist Movement. And I also found a very interesting film made by the founder of this movement. Here's the film, It is worth watching:

I think that he is right we need to come back together as a nation and solve our problems and we need to put aside our political parties we need to be a nation again we are a split nation and until we can all come together and listen to everyone I do not believe the government will do something but if we as citizens all come together all political parties genders, races, nationalities, religions, ect. the government will have to make a change if they want to stay in their elected office.