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Jamie in Chile

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Jan 3, 2016
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I saw this app mentioned on another thread by Lou. Thanks Lou for bringing that to my attention. I thought I'd start a new thread to avoid derailing that one.

However I saw a bunch of reviews of it saying it was often wrong and often returned "don't know" as a result. Does anyone have experience with using this app, especially if you cross checked it first against a number of things you already knew if they were vegan or not before using it.
I've used it for a few years. "often wrong" is overstating.
When I first got it I did put it thru its paces at the grocery store. I didn't keep score but it seemed pretty perfect. It just takes a minute to get it up and running and you can usually figure it out faster without it.

I use the barcode function
Most of the time it provides a really good analysis
it is fussy about the ingredients.