Is a fish diet more ethical than plant based diet?


Jul 24, 2021
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Funnily enough, I do.
A lot of people are nicer than me :) I will avoid stepping on critters if I happen to notice them, but only up to a point. I consider myself to be a natural beast, no different than an ape in the jungle (though hopefully slightly more intellectually evolved). If I eat a plant with a bug on it, and don't notice it, so be it. I recently fixed up a basement in an old house I own that had been neglected for years. There had to be thousands if not hundreds of thousands of spiders down there. If I had taken the time to save them before I started cleaning, renovating, and painting, I would have spent a month doing so and would still be at it. In fact, that process would never end. Even after doing a lot of painting, I still see spiders everywhere as I continue to fix things. I read somewhere that there are so many spiders that you are almost always within a couple of feet of one. I'm a biologist. There is a bug for every niche on the planet, way more than most of us think. Our senses limit our perception, so we don't give much thought about what we can't see - all the life forms that are all around us at every moment, from microbes to mites to tiny spiders. If we could see through microscopic eyes and only saw molecules, we'd realize that we are so infused with life in and all around us that there's really no separation between us, and that we are barely, if at all, an individual entity. So if I'm going to worry about the critters around me, where do I draw that line? Technically, to keep every living thing safe, I'd have to stay still and never move, have someone spoon feed me carefully with healthy foods, making sure not to eat anything that was harmful to the bacteria in my gut.