Introduction & Explanation-We are 'The Vegan Trappers'


Jun 14, 2021
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Ontario, Canada
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Hi Everyone!

We explore the nature surrounding our home, leaving camera-traps along the way.

Adventuring through wilderness while searching the nooks and crannies has always been a passion of ours, and photography has always been a great way to share that passion with others.

But we were curious to see what we were missing!

After-all, we don’t stop much, once we get moving, so we spend very little time in any given area.

We would often speak about what we weren’t seeing, and what was in the woods that we passed by.

Then, by happenstance, we were lent trail cameras to help catch and save (successfully! He is happy and healthy) a lost dog near our home. After seeing how well the cameras could work, we decided to purchase two of our own.

We began slowly... First, by seeing what our cats were up to when we were gone (HA!), then we moved on to the backyard to see what was roaming around, and now finally we always have a camera-trap in the wilderness that is set!

*Setting camera-traps, even on private property, can still be risky. Just two days ago we had 1 of our 2 cameras stolen by a kayaker (a kayaker that was too lazy to steal the second camera at the bottom of the beaver dam 4 feet away.) So, we are down to one camera at the moment, but that is not a deterrent, though it may suggest the first upgrade that is needed.

Available trail camera upgrades:
1- Cages - These are purpose built so bears/people cannot steal/damage your cameras
2- Solar - We need to eliminate battery use
3- Cellular Cameras - Allowing us to be more non-invasive, as we wouldn’t have to check the cameras as often, in sensitive environments
4- Audio - For, well…. Audio
*5- Non-Camera upgrade - Us learning to edit, at least the basics. We sometimes have hours of great footage to stitch together.
This is an incredible hobby.

Please consider it for yourself and your loved ones. It’s a true environmental education, and a non-invasive way of getting to know nature on a deeper level. We have only just begun uploading and creating our various social media accounts, but we have been setting camera-traps daily for months and months now. Constantly learning and improving our placement and techniques. It has been a fascinating experience.

We chose the name The Vegan Trappers because it speaks to everything we are trying to do.
We are capturing moments of nature, in as non-invasive a manner as possible.

This is a brilliant way to educate our youth, spend time with friends, or get your grandparents' minds back out to nature alongside you by sharing the incredible (and sometimes hilarious) footage you get!

Vegan Trapping is how we are staying motivated, healthy, and connected as a couple.

We hope the idea gains support through time and effort.
We are taking the word trapping back.
We are camera-trappers.
We are Vegan Trappers.

If you want people to love nature, you should start by showing nature to them!

I hope that helped everyone understand us a little better.

We are set-up for (but are not expecting) donations to replace our stolen camera. Thank you to anyone that has even read this far! Please join us

And you can follow our social media
*Which are all still just barely new and fledgling!
Youtube The Vegan Trappers
instagram at thevegantrappers
Twitter at vegantrappers
Facebook - The Vegan Trappers
TikTok at vegantrappers


CUTE! Coyote Puppy Learning to Walk in the Wild! (2/3) Ontario, Canada (June 2021)
River Otter playing at Beaver dam - Ontario, Canada - Curiosity (May 2021)
Beaver Building a Dam in The Wild - (1/3) Ontario, Canada (June 2021)
Raccoons Twinning While Eating - Ontario, Canada (May 2021)
Great Blue Heron fishing at Beaver dam - Ontario, Canada (May 2021)
CUTE! Coyote Puppy Standing Guard Near Den in the Wild! (3/3) Ontario, Canada (June 2021)
CUTE! Coyote Puppy Eating a Midnight Snack in the Wild! (1/3) Ontario, Canada (June 2021)

Emma JC

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Jun 15, 2017
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welcome to the forum

I am watching your red fox pup video - I think the first time I have ever been the first view on anything!!

I love the concept of what you're doing.

Emma JC
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