I'm new! Hello!

Welcome on board, Emily!

There are lots of vegans in the US :) And lots of great vegan food as well! My wife and her family are from there, so I've visited many times.
Hi Emily, great that you are open to a change! It can be both frustrating and exciting at the beginning.
As long as you know your why, you will always find a way to commit to it. Also, if you are from the U.S. I suggest you follow Instagram accounts like @plantbasedben @nimai_delgado and of course me @neodiamondlife :p

It would be also great to connect with others, so please feel free to add me,
and if someone knows some badass girl vegan accounts like @thekoreanvegan
write them down. I just got inspired that I will create a separate thread for this! <3
Hello! Hope you are doing well with your transition to the vegan diet. I've been vegan for 7 years and sometimes it still can be difficult. Here's a video that I'd recommend you watch. Wonderful plant-based doctor giving advice for anyone who wants to transition to veganism.
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