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Aug 3, 2019
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And with vegan toothpaste! Still unable to replace handsoap as my parents don't want that, that aside (and meds when I need them, tho I never take painkillers, I'm talking actual meds) I'm fully vegan now and it's going great :)
If my teeth rot away I'll blame judgemental internet knights (I'm not even kidding, my teeth are in a horrible condition, that for a 21 year old, tho it hasn't worsened ever since going vegetarian 2 years ago and my friend's mom is friends with a dentist and he said this toothpaste is good, so I should be fine?)

I'm going to join an official Dutch vegan movement, it doesn't really require much just 20 euros (you can decide yourself how much you wanna pay but that's the cheapest, I may give 30 tho) a year. I'll get discount at vegan restaurants, a cookbook and some magazines. The money will be used to promote veganism. You can become an activist, but most events are hold in/around Amsterdam so as someone who can't (and won't) drive, I can't join anyway. But I do consider starting a blog or social media page dedicated to animal rights and veganism.

I also had 2 addictions I can luckily still continue (lol)
Iced coffee: yeah I quit drinking normal coffee (also because of my stomach and teeth) but drink lots of (flavoured) soy milk now including iced coffee (and it tastes the same as normal iced coffee, without a bloated feel afterwards yay)
Milk and white chocolate: there's an ecostore in a nearby town where they sell ricemilk chocolate it's amazing and pretty cheap yes yes :) tho I started liking dark chocolate as well (against all my expectations lol, just get the right brand and not extra dark, just dark)

Also my hair is in a great condition, just wow! It was always hella greasy tho it got a bit drier nowadays, yet also softer? (I still wash it daily tho) No more scales on my scalp which has been a problem for years. I think this is because of B12 pills (funny I was often lacking as a meat eater, never ate enough meat, nor dairy due to light lactose intolerance no one believes I have lol) and vegan shampoo which is also free from lots of other useless **** (and only costs 3 euros)
Yesterday I got my hair done after a half year and they were shocked with the fact I had no dead ends... They recommend you to trim it every month because of dead ends, I had none after a half year...

And I remain annoyed with fellow vegans on the internet, lets support each other on our journeys, educate (calm and kind) and share tips instead of judging and shaming. We all do our best and perfection is impossible for most of us, as long as we don't use that as excuse to cheat, it's okay. Veganism, also, can't be done overnight for most. It's amazing how I can bring up this topic at work, and see some people actually interested. I caused a few to become flexitarian or switch to biological meat instead of cheap meat. Yeah, they still eat meat, but these are small first steps and we all gotta start somewhere. Lets not shame those people for not being vegan, but applaud them for starting their journey (or consider it) at all when there's still sooo many people out there who don't give a **** at all...
Welcome back! All good news!! I believe I can attest having better hair, too, since earlier this year when I got serious about B12 and B-complex vitamins. I still have the dead/dry ends, but the hair that's growing in is so much nicer. Good to have you back :)
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