Ice Cream


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Apr 19, 2015
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Vegan Ice-cream (not sorbets), some of it is awful, some of it is to die for.

I have recently come across some made with almond milk which is really nice and worth mentioning, and then there is one made from cashew nuts that is to die for. I'm not a huge fan of
  • Almond Dream: this is a range of vegan ice-creams made with almond milk and they are great. £4.99 a tub so won't even break the bank! ( I have to confess to only having tried the salted caramel flavour, its the only one my husband buys for me!
  • Booja Booja: the chocolate is to die for, but it is very heavy on your wallet as well, though a recent price drop has seen the price come down to £5.49 a tub. Made from cashew nuts so does not have that nutty taste and is really creamy. Most people want seconds, even dairy eaters love this one sadly. (
  • Swedish Glace: I have to say, and it seems that I am in a minority here, that I don't actually like it. It is OK and nothing more, to me - I find it gritty and watery. (unable to locate a working website for it). The raspberry is my preference here.

What ones have you found out there that are nice and ice-creams, not sorbets please?