I am joining this forum for a friend.

Samantha Robert

May 17, 2018
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I, myself, cannot be vegan due to a medical problem, and cannot have said medical problem treated due to capitalism. However, as the title suggests, I am joining this forum for a friend. This friend of mine has described himself as "vegetarian by choice, but effectively vegan because of allergies." Those allergies are a problem for him, because it has made it difficult for him to gain weight, which he wants to do due to BDD (I know, it's usually the opposite). I am joining forums and seeking advice on his behalf, since he is too nervous to join himself, given that he is afraid that his unusual form of BDD might trigger those with BDD who want to lose weight. I will try to get more information from him about what his allergies are, then begin a new post elsewhere in this forum.

Thank you.
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