Tutorial How to upload and post a photo

Posting a photo in a thread or private conversation is not difficult. Below you can find the necessary steps with some screenshots to illustrate the process. (Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.)
  1. Click the "Attach files" button found below the editor area:
    • step1.jpg
  2. Navigate to your photo and select it.
  3. This should take you back to VF and the photo should then start uploading. Once complete, you should see a little thumbnail version of the photo.
    • step3.jpg
  4. Place the cursor where you want the photo and click the "Insert ..." button found in the top-left corner of this thumbnail.
    • step4.jpg
  5. Select to insert it either as a thumbnail or as a full image.
    • step5.jpg
  6. Finish writing your post and click the "POST REPLY" button below the editor.
    • step6.jpg
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