How to store home cooked seitan


Dec 20, 2019
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I'll leave some in frig and some in freezer. Some (internet query) say store in frig in the broth you cooked it in - I'll finish it in less than 5 days.
How to freeze? Some said wait for the liquid in it to dissipate, then freeze tightly wrapped portions. I was told 3 ounces is 1 portion.
I was amazed how fast & easy it was to make using the Bob Red Mill vital wheat gluten. Comments? Thanks!
I store mine in an airtight container minuis the stock in the fridge for 3-4 days. I also freeze the rest of the batch in slices and chunks in a ziplock bac without the stock.

I use the stock for making gravy, sauces and soups.
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I almost never make a seitan using a "wet method" so I just put it in the fridge in the heavy duty foil it was wrapped in. Otherwise, I do something similar to @shyvas if using a wet way of cooking the seitan, but will also store them in the stock as well if I will be using them in a few days and if I want them to soak.

Dry method: 97% of the seitan batches I make
Submerged in broth: 2%
Steamed*: 1%

* includes basting in oven in casserole dish with stock all covered in foil to steam
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