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Jul 4, 2016
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So I was 240 and hit the wall on obesity.. so I started Ketosis (Aktins) 10Carbs a day.

I weaned myself into ketosis by eating a small basic can of tuna every 4 hours...this removed my bodys' ability to send a hunger signal to me.
(To be clear ) In the weaning process, I allowed myself to eat whatever I wanted as long as I eat a small basic can of tuna every 4 hours. This taught me something very powerful by accident. I learned to pre-eat..that is to eat before my body has a chance to be hungry... So in knowing that I tend to have hunger every 5 hours roughly ...I pre-ate every 4 hours..this blocked my bodys ability to send a "emergency" hunger signal to me which causes me to eat whatever it takes to stop the signal.

So in ketosis I lost 35lbs the 1st month , 25lbs the 2nd month and 20 the 3rd month.. So successful was this method that I remained on this 10carb a day menu for 2 years.

After 2 years , I was able to finally gain self confidence over food-anxiety to wear I could confidently leave ketosis and eat whatever I wanted. I knew that I can always re-enter ketosis whenever I wanted to effortlessly drop weight.. I now had both hands on the wheel concerning my body.. Something I never knew existed or was possible in this life... I could literally gain and drop weight as simple as flipping a light switch.

So after 2 years of denying myself of adequate vitamins and minerals became evident with thinning of my hair. This showed me that this method is not sustainable. Yet still had this method for quick body resets.

So looking for a sustainable full circle method, I look to vegan to gain a diet high in vitamins/minerals. If my understanding is correct, our bodies build hair, nails, skins, organs out of vita/minerals rather than protein/calories.

So here I am in a vegan lifestyle that I expect to maintain long term. My goal is to exclude chemicals and additives from my diet and eat as close to earth sources as I can. Pure plant sources.
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May 9, 2016
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Hi Newbean and welcome to the forum.

My own story is quite similar, I had been on a high fat low carb diet since 2010, and it did help me lose a lot of weight, but that stopped before reaching my ideal weight. I did not know at that time that I could have obtained even better results on a plant based diet, had I kept the fat intake low enough.

In March this year I started to live a vegan lifestyle, initially I was eating mainly fruits, then moved to starch based. Fruits are great, just the logistics for having fruits around all the time was a problem for the way I live.

As an example, yesterday I had:

Breakfast - Nestle Shredded Wheat with rice milk

Lunch - jacket potatoes and beans (I buy frozen, already baked potatoes from Tesco and heat in the microwave. For beans I like Heinz Tuscan beans)

Dinner - cooked peppers stuffed with rice, and corn on the cob