Hi there, I'm new here too. I've been a vegan for five years.

welcome greencow

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Emma JC
So relieved to have found you all. Joined this board after a frustrating brush with the editor of a food and travel website who reacted quite badly when I told her that "vegan" pastry couldn't be vegan once it was brushed with milk and egg....and anyway what the hell was it doing in a CRAB pie in the first place. She deleted my response - which was actually quite polite (considering) - and told me she thought I was vitriolic for suggesting that the writer of the piece was a stupid idiot. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. After years of being treated like an oddity for being vegan, now any half-arsed food blog wants to hijack veganism because it's hip, but can't be bothered to get it right. Still, I may have been blocked but at least the pastry is no longer described as "vegan" - small victories huh?