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Oct 8, 2016
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Hey everyone,

I've been a member for a few months and have learned a lot just by reading posts and lurking.

I've been on a mostly raw/vegan diet since last summer, with the exception of holiday dinners with family or company barbecues where I didn't want to make a scene and not eat with everyone else. A former partner turned me on to Raw Food as a lifestyle a couple years back, and it worked wonders for me. But then I fell back into old ways and became unhealthy again. So here I am making another shot at it, and so far its been working quite well. I've lost a significant amount of weight, I feel better in general, have more energy, look better (subjective, I know!).

Anyhow, my interest in becoming more active on this forum now is to seek out information on how to step it up even further.

My short term goal is weight loss. Not going to fool anyone, I need to lose body fat, and have already dropped a significant amount. No clue how much exactly, because I do not own a weigh scale. But I've had to buy new clothes twice already. I've been mostly focusing on diet for the time being, but plan to start a fitness program at a gym in the near future.

My big concern is finding good and affordable food where I live. Like I said in the title line, I live in Canada, so there isn't an abundant supply like in other parts of the world. Also, I'm dealing with debt issues, so I can't afford to shop at Whole Foods or buy organic all the time, as much as I'd like to.

On an average day I'll eat citrus fruit and soaked almonds for breakfast, more fruit for lunch and snacks, then a large mixed salad with greens, onion, garlic, peppers, tomatoes, spices, and sprouted buckwheat for dinner. This has been my go-to meal plan for many months now, and I enjoy it.

I'd really appreciate any input on meal ideas that are inexpensive and easily found in supermarkets.



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Oct 20, 2015
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Isle of Wight UK
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Hi GrumpyCat. You seem to be doing very well, it's much better to eat that way instead of buying expensive convenience foods. Tinned beans and veg are fine as are frozen I don't buy organic as it is so expensive but I still eat a varied vegan diet made up mostly of beans and veg, I seldom eat fruit. I have rice, pasta, potatoes or bread with my meals, it works fine and I am losing weight without dieting.