Hi all! Been browsing for weeks, decided to join.


Apr 7, 2016
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Hi everyone!

I've been a vegetarian on and off since I was a small child.
Gave it up as a teenager, picked it up again at uni, dropped it again etc.

After Christmas I chose to be vegetarian again and in February I changed my at home diet to vegan. Originally for health reasons but increasingly for the planet and for the animals (including humans) on it.

I'm in my late 20's now so I'd like to think I'm more committed now than I have been in the past.

I came across the forum while browsing online for vegan dinner ideas. Everyone seems lovely :D

I'm from the east of Scotland and there's not a big vegan scene here from what I can tell and so I've opted for vegetarian options while eating out a handfull times.
We only eat out maybe once a month so it's not a massive deal to me.

Glad to be joining this community!

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