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Nov 18, 2017
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I'm really happy because I now live in close proximity to a local herbal shop. I purchased a metal re-usable tea infuser, and have used Cramp Ease blend which contains cramp bark, wild yam, fennel seeds, and some other spices, and I found that surprisingly it worked. In fact it worked so well I got the Migraine Melter with white willow bark, skullcap, meadowsweet, feverfew, spearmint and ginger - I figured it could possibly be used for stress-related neck or shoulder aches as well as headaches or eye strain, instead of popping a pill. I also got Brainy Brew which is supposed to increase mental clarity with gingko biloba, gotu kola, burdock root, and spices like cardamom and rosemary. I also enjoy a tumeric tea powder that has chai spices in it.

I've been avoiding flu shots and decreasing antibiotic usage for several years now by using zinc, echinacea and elderberry lozenges.

What are you favorites?


I take white willow bark, feverfew for headaches/migraines.
I take chasteberry, milk thistle, blue cohosh, raspberry leaf, dandelion, rosemary for pms/menses.
Tumeric , ginger for pain/ digestion.
Valerian, catnip, hops, passionflower for sleep.

btw your avatar is so cute!
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