Jul 8, 2017
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hi, I made the change to veganism back in January. For the first 3 months I was on top of the world I felt amazing. But unfortunately I started suffering from Severe abdominal issues and pain. I kept thinking I had the "flu" my stomach was on fire, severe nausea and vomiting almost daily. I got down to 96lbs! I couldn't keep any food down! It started really getting scary and I couldn't function daily... it was hard to eat anything at all. So I started putting local eggs back in my diet (from my friends dad who loves his chx like children) but it was still is hard on my mental state! I have now included other carnivorous products... and am really ashamed!!! But honestly for the last 2 weeks it seems I'm cured of the "flu" and am no longer vomiting. I don't wish to be crucified on here as I am new. But am seeking advice! I emotionally and mentally want to be vegan! And for 6 months I was and it wasnt a hard transition for me. I don't crave meat at all! I'll admit I crave a little dairy but I've found alternatives! And I was happy with them! But why did I get so sick? I really thought I was incorporating everything I needed nutritionally too. But obviously I failed! I need advice on how to be healthy and vegan and how to maintain the diet without getting sick again. Thank you for any advice and support.

Emma JC

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Jun 15, 2017
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hi Megz

Congrats for looking for help and for your consciousness of the animals, the planet and most of all yourself.

There are many people here that can help with thoughts and suggestions and it would most likely be helpful if you let us know what you were eating when you were just eating vegan. Was it whole food plant-based? or were you eating a lot of processed vegan foods?

Emma JC