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Jul 1, 2019
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Hello, please can someone help.

I am trying to make a cake for a friend and have never done it before. I have concerns of what sugar to use as after reading about white sugars some may have used the process of bone char. My question is what sugar can I use to make it a 100% vegan cake?
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hi Mick

Welcome to the forum and thank you for being conscious of your choices.

If you look at some vegan cake recipes online you will find many different items that people use in place of sugar. I personally use coconut sugar or maple syrup. Most recipes are very forgiving and you could likely substitute any brown sugars in place of the whites.

Let us know how it goes.

Emma JC ??
Here is a link that may help. It shows a listing of which dominos sugars are vegan (it depends on the packing facility, which has a code on the package)

"Domino Sugar processed at their Baltimore, MD, Yonkers, NY or South Bay, FL refineries are vegan. " Quote from the link.

An other quote from dominos sugar themselves:
"Thank you for your interest in the processing of our products and for taking the time to contact Domino Sugar. This email is in response to your inquiry regarding our current use of animal-derived natural charcoal (aka “bone char”) in our cane sugar refining process, natural charcoal has been used for over 175 years to manufacture sugar and over the past 10 years to filter and demineralize water. At American Sugar Refining, Inc. we utilize natural charcoal to remove the color and impurities from the sugar liquor at our Chalmette (LA) and Crockett (CA) refineries. Natural charcoal is not used for decolorization at our Baltimore (MD) and Yonkers (NY) refineries. "
As a quick reference, if the lot code begins with the following numbers, it came from the following corresponding location:
1 = Yonkers, NY;
4 = Baltimore, MD;
5 = Chalmette, LA;
6 = South Bay, FL;
7 = Crockett, CA
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