Help me fellow vegans!

I feel you. We are from the same generation and I know we feel compelled to do online activism, whether through YouTube or Twitter or Facebook. It's taken me a long time (a long long time) to learn not to fight too much with Meatheads. Sometimes I indulge, just because I know IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE SOMETIMES but it usually doesn't. Arguing with people on the Internet is often fruitless. One of my PhD environmental science profs used to cooly and relatively calmly try to convince people on Facebook until he realized he was educated to do much bigger things.

I think that factored into me going to grad school. Hearing my young professor say yep I am just like you but I'm equipped to make bigger, better changes.

I know it's not easy to turn social media off when that's where you yourself learn about veganism and other causes, but it is more productive to focus it elsewhere. And I realize that's easier said than done.

I can't believe I'm in a program where people encourage me to do a project on plant based for the environment. ..or even the intersection of animal rights and social justice, which is exciting.

I'm reading a book now by a professional activist who did his Master's thesis on animal rights. So much more is possible. Please believe me, I'm trying to believe it myself.