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Dec 2, 2017
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Hello everyone. I'm Nekodaiden.

I'm relatively new Vegan (just a few months) and figured since I know not 1 person in my area that is, and all my friends are animal product eaters, it's best I at least find some peeps online for support and food ideas!

I was raised as an omnivore, on meat, dairy and eggs, and in my travels watching relatives and friends die young or painful deaths from disease that through reading many books on health seemed to be preventable with increasing whole (mostly plant based) foods, I made the change in my diet and became semi-vegetarian. I was this for a long time, still eating animal products here and there, but incorporating a lot more plant based foods into my diet. It worked for me for a long time.

Recently watched a speech by Gary Yourofsky and he, as well as some research, convinced me humans just aren't natural omnivores. So here I am, about 2 months in, feeling the benefits but also still learning. The first month was a struggle and I caved to cravings 3 times, but have since kept going with it.

Hehe. I just noticed the subtext under "Create Thread" (Say Hello! We won't bite!), the tongue in cheek humor made me smile!

Anyway, hello!