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Jan 6, 2018
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Hello I am a 37 year old malefrom Oklahoma in the US.
My wife just switched yo vegan and i told her I would give it a try then I was going to say well I tried.

Now lets be honest I didnt think I would last more than a day its been almost a week and im actually really enjoying it.I watched fat sick nearly dead and forks over knifes.I can see doing this for the rest of my life.

So far meat is 100% out of my diet. I finished the last of my dairy 3 days ago my boss is from India and they always cook me lunch so the hardest part there is I told them yesterday was the last day I could have yogurt sauce as they use it in almost anything.

I have a wife and 2 children a almost 2 year old son and a 11 year old daughter.She is not pleased at all!!!
My father had a mini stroke last year. My grand mother on my moms side of the familywent to the doctor last June because her arm was hurting her for the last few days and they did a die test the die backed up they rushed her to the er as a heart attack was moments away.My father in law that lives in town has something wrong with his stomach so his doctor ran a,bunch of tests and told him he has to stop eating meat and so my wife went vegan to help him.I dont want to end up like any of the above.

So I weigh 230 and im exactly 6ft.11 years ago I used to work out every day and still have a muscular build except for my belly. I used to eat loads and loads of meat Sushi ,Steak, er...a package of hot dogs cold from the fridge.Yes I know disgusting but it would stop my heart burn.

In the past I was a douche and have given someone I worked with a hard time in the lunch room flack for being vegan and offered him a hot dog.Now Im going vegan.

Currently my body is detoxing rash on my neck and a zit in my nose.I have sudden surges of amazing energy and then surges of blah.

I have had borscht 4 times this week loads of salad with baby kale and spinach and cherry tomatoes covered with a avocado,lime and almond milk dressing.I have a container of unsalted peanuts I snack on and ordered a juicer to use in conjunction with my meals for extra nutrients.I live v8 purple power and found a copy cat recipe im excited to try out.
Good for you! I've been trying to get my brother to go vegan or at the very least vegetarian since his family history has a lot of cancer and other health problems in it. I've shown him what the health and told him about the food that his eats. A lot of people I've realized just don't want to hear it and enjoy being blind to what they put into their bodies. I'm always happy when I hear that people who were mostly carnivores are now going vegan. I was also big on meat and cheese. Cheese was the last thing I gave up since it was so addicting. I feel much better now that I don't have any of that going into my body.

Once your detox is over I hope you will still feel great and continue on. As for your daughter I would still give her some of the things she likes to eat and start replacing some with vegan alternatives. That's what I'm doing for my four year old son. So far he eats vegan mac and cheese, gardein burgers, he was eating chickenless patties but has stopped for the time being and he likes the chao cheese. I would be set with him if I could find a vegan string cheese but I'll have to try to make one myself. Also going to be getting boca vegan chicken nuggets soon for him since that's one of his major foods.
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Awesome thank you for the great information the boca chicken nuggets will be a huge hit with my son.
You're welcome. There's also a lot of the mainstream cereal that are vegan as well such as reese's puffs and fruity pebbles. If you need more ideas for food for your kids you can check out the peta2 website. They have a whole section just for kids and tips to get them to switch.