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Dec 24, 2016
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Hey guys!
I'm so excited to be here, I registered a while back but didn't really post anything. Trying to go back to it now. My name is Kevin, I am a Spanish guy living in London. 5 years now actually, so I also consider myself to be a Londoner. I am 28 (not that it really matters, it is just a number), I have a dramatic arts degree but work in technology, passions are food/cooking, working out, the outdoors, music (all kinds), movies and tv shows, reading, yoga and meditation, big libraries... I like way too many things to include them all here, but hope that gives you a small taste. I went vegan on the summer of 2016, although during that Christmas I had some fish (only tuna), then gave it up for good in January 2017, going vegan has been one of the best decisions I've taken in my life. Although I consider myself to be more plant-based than vegan (I am talking about food and nutrition specifically). I guess me being here is a way for me to connect with people who have the same interests and share a similar take on life and compassion to all beings. Would love to connect with you and make friends.
My instagram is @nivekrag, if you wanna put a face to the guy typing these words.

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Welcome, Kevin! I'm trained in music, art, and graphic design, but also work in IT. So far it is paying the bills better than all of my previous endeavors but the trade off is not having much time for the artistic ones. We do what we gotta do (and truth be told, I actually like technology).

Here's to hoping you'll stick around this time! :)