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Apr 28, 2018
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  1. Vegan
I hope you are having a wonderful day

My name is Olivia, you can call me (LIVY)

I will be soon a 22 years old granny :D I am trying to live a vegan life style since 2016. My goal has always being stop at all cost animal consume in my life, by that I not only stop eating meat or daily, but also made a complete chance in my everyday life, from what I wear to the products I use in my face. I aware of what I buy, and what I throw away. I like living my life that way. It makes me happy. I guess u could call me a minimalistic person as well. I like recycling, I am 100% supporting zero waste.
I am really trying to make a different in this planet, and I wish I could do sooo much more.
I forgot to mentioned I am currently living in Danmrk/Denmark
I considerate myself the race human being as I am friendly to anyone from anywhere around the glob, I do not judge people base on they skin pigmentation.
I am not the positives person alive, but I can say I am trying.

I have also strogels in life, I am not perfect.
I wish I could say I know many vegan people out there, but those are very hard to find, at least for me. That's why I enjoy this community full of amazing people. Maybe we can learn and help each other along the way.

My dream/goal is to one day have a farm, where I can take care of all the old animal who are being throw out by they families or owners, just because they are aging. I believe any animal deserve a home, not matter, they age. I am also again people who race puppies or any other animal, when there is so many out there who needs a home. Anyway....this is getting too long. You will see me around.

Have a wonderful life. :)