Hello from Rural Michigan!


Jun 1, 2015
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  1. Vegan newbie

My name is Monica and I live in the heart of rural Michigan, where I am surrounded by hunters and meat-eaters galore. It's not most supportive and pleasant area, but I get by thanks to a few vegan friends, the internet, and a supportive husband. I've been a vegetarian since 8/23/14 so for a little over 9 months. I'm currently in the process of eliminating dairy products. I have eliminated milk, butter, sour cream, and pretty much all dairy except for the occasional cheese. The only time I plan on eating dairy is when it's mixed into meatless dishes at family gatherings. This past November, I moved into a farm house on some land and brought home a dozen chickens. They are my absolute favorite pets. We hold them all everyday and they sit on our laps without running away! I do not intend on ridding eggs from my diet, only store-bought eggs. However, I do intend on limiting my egg consumption for health reasons.

A little more about myself.. I am a blogger at Mommy & Love. My tagline is "Passionate about motherhood, nature and vegetarianism." I am a huge animal lover! I have two kids (ages 3 & 1 - they are monkeys), two cats, one dog, and 12 chickens. We are currently looking to adopt/rescue some sheep (young or old) to roam around our lawn and help mow. =) We have a 2500 sq ft. garden and are trying our best to live in a more sustainable fashion, along with being more self-sufficient. I write about anything involving a sustainable, family lifestyle. I'm also a Meatless Monday blogger and share weekly vegetarian/vegan recipes.

I look forward to some great conversations in this forum. :)