Hello from indiana! heres my transformation story...


Jan 12, 2018
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Hey guys just decided to try to branch out and talk to more like-minded individuals as not too many people in my area are Vegan and good Support is hard to find.

I decided to live a Vegan lifestyle after July 4th of 2017 (Half a year ago) I was going through a tough time in my life. Struggling to eat healthy and on the brink of a breakup with my Fiance' . Ive always wondered why we have a (Supposed) scientifically accurate diet for most animals but not one for humans. Being an Constantly Active Conspiracy Enthusiast myself I started making connections to food propaganda in high school. After moving out and living on my own for years I went and I slowly began to cut certain ingredients out of my kitchen. When I realized that I was seeing no health benefits It led me to eat my last burger on July 4th and start eating closer to a Whole Plant Based diet.

"I have lost 50lbs!" and have been closer to my BMI than I ever have my entire life. Over these 6 months I have came to the realization that the taste of your food is only carried by plant based Ingredients/Seasonings to begin with so the Lack of meat in a dish prepared does not suffer.

I look forward to sharing my experience what works what doesn't and engage in philosophical debate with everyone on the forum. :)
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