Hello everyone! Glad to finally join you...


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Jun 3, 2012
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I was pretty upset with VB- I really didn't want another change. I've lurked here a few days, and thanks to a PM from fadeaway, finally posted!
This forum looks very well put together, and with old friends, and new friends, I hope to feel again part of a online community that has been sooo very helpful, and inspirational!
Thank you Indian Summer! Great job.

BTW, I went on VB a bit ago and google has flagged it for malware (or something bad)
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Welcome Silva! :) Yay for no longer being a lurker in the shadows.:pickle:

I thought I was the only one having issues trying to access VB . Seems like it's been like that for days now. Oh well.

<I'm fadeaway btw.
Welcome to the Veev!!
All your replies happied up my day!
Mel, pickle and rosie -I'm not catching on to who they are.
So glad to see "VBer's I've missed" here!
Thanks for joining us. I think I will be spending more time on this side of the fence, once I get used to the setup and some of the old favorite threads show up here too.