Hello all :)


Nov 17, 2016
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Started on my way towards a Vegan diet about 4 months back iv had slip ups etc but feel confident about doing it 100% now.

Been filling up on leafy green/fruit smoothies and lots of other veggies feel great also looking at doing cyclic fasting looks like a great thing to incorporate for good health.

Anyway hope to speak to you guys on the forums.

Hi and Welcome to the community.

What made you think of transitioning to being vegan ?
Hi Gaby,

Saw a group in town set up and showing people about animal abuse on laptops called earthling experience. Kinda forgot about it but few weeks later came to mind and searched them on YouTube. Watched some of their street activism videos lead me into watching range of different things and decided at that point what's going on is wrong so started to switch.

Thanks for the welcome Gab.
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Interesting, thank you for sharing that. In my case, I had fried chicken thighs for a meal and I was looking at this plate feeling disgusted. Out of the blue. So I started eating fruits instead...then I realised that I became vegan, read a bit on the subject, and it is the lifestyle for me.