Having issues with my health and i'm wondering if i'm doing something wrong


Feb 1, 2018
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Hi Everyone I'm Luc and I'm 24 years old. I've been vegan for almost two years and recently something is up and I'm wondering what could be the cause. I had these symptoms on and off but now I have it daily and it seems that it's getting worst with anxiety. It all started when I began to be worried of being sick, I have a bit of emetophobia (Fear of throwing up) and with that I slowly developed IBS which stands for Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

I get bloated with gas, cramps, burping and farting, nausea, feeling cold with chills and my hands and fingers are cold like I sticked my hands in a fridge, sometimes I wake up and my entire body is shaking for 10 mins, I get constipated, often feel fatigue and slightly dizzy.

Here is where I think I am doing wrong, I take B12 supplements but I don't eat a lot of vegetables, I do put in my food like rice and spaghetti but I don't eat a ton of veggies, it's been awhile I had salad, if I had the option of eating carrots with dips as a snack, I would go for chips or junk food, I eat a lot of fake processed food, hot dogs, fries, patties, grounded meat, Daiya Cheese, etc... I tested if my body was able to stand Soya products and it seems all good, I took breaks and it didn't reduced the symptoms, but that was like a year ago.

I don't drink a lot of water, I struggle to drink three cups a day, often don't even drink any water, I like black tea, green tea, and rarely have coffee, also have some juice. That's another thing instead of eating apples or oranges, I would go for juice instead, but there's a reason behind it, I have a couple of my teeth fillings that fell off and if I eat something that is too cold it hurts a lot, I need to forced myself to go see the dentist while I still can, I hate white coats, needles and holding my mouth open, it really sucks...

Anyways if you have any questions please ask. Thank you.
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You should go to the doctor and see a counselor. It likely doesn't have anything to do with what you are eating. You need to get some counseling for your anxiety.
You might need to eat more fresh foods - fruits, vegetables, less processed proteins like beans, nut butters or plain tofu/tempeh...you also might want to get tested for Celiacs or Crohns disease, this sounds a lot like gluten sensitivity but I could be wrong.