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Jun 8, 2018
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My public library was handing out bookmarks with info about Kanopy. I an I was just telling someone else about it and then decided this (although not vegan related) could be useful to many of us here.

So Kanopy is... wait. let me have Wikpedia explain.

Kanopy is an on-demand streaming video platform for public libraries[1] and educational institutions that offers viewers a large collection of award-winning films and documentaries.[2]
Kanopy includes children’s programming with its subdivision Kanopy Kids. All members have access to the children’s videos section with their account.[3]
Kanopy can be viewed on a computer, television, or mobile device via a web browser supporting HTML5 video or the Kanopy app for Apple iOS, Android, Roku,[10]and Amazon Fire Tablet.​

The main thing is that your public library (or school) has to have a partnership with them. So some of you might be out of luck. you might be able to promote it to your local librarian.

to make Kanopy relevant to the Vegan Forum, I searched Kanopy for "Vegan" and got about 60 hits, including Vegucated, Supersize Me, Unsupersize me, At the Fork, and Hungry for Change.

if you can't get Kanopy, try DocumentaryStorm


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