Have you ever grown tomatoes on your own?


Jul 17, 2018
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Hello everyone! Tomatoes are totally "must eat" in my diet - I love their taste so I add them to many dishes I prepare. However, I always buy them in shops, sometimes in bio shops, but still I don't belive that they are so healthly and not sprayed with chemical fertilizers. I thought that I can grow them indoor but I do not have a big experience in gardening so I decided to ask you. I found one Internet site with a huge variety of choices : https://gardenseedsmarket.com/tomato-seeds-en/ . Veggies on pictures look amazing but I don't want to kill my plant after one month by overwatering etc. so my question is: which of those tomatoes is the easiest to grow? Those black tomatoes look interesting, have you grown them? What conditions should I provide for them?