Happy thanksgiving in canada

Emma JC

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Jun 15, 2017
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This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving and so I just thought I would wish a happy holiday weekend to all fellow Canadians and to others around the world that are welcome to be thankful with us.

I am thankful and grateful for:
  • my spouse, family and friends
  • living in Canada
  • good health
  • having a kitchen full of vegetables and potatoes and fruit ready to cook for our TsGv dinner
  • the Gardein turkey rolls in the freezer :)
  • the doctors (esselstyn, mcdougall) who motivated us over the years and especially to Dr McDougall who two years ago went on Coast to Coast AM and that encouraged us to go 'cold turkey' and not look back
  • the YouTubers who live a WFPB lifestyle and share that with the world to keep us motivated and trying new things
  • a great forum (this one) that allows us to share ideas and encourage one another - Thank You!
Emma JC
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Thank you, Lou, and Emma JC for the thread. There now...I've been thankful ;)

Beer and cannabis in one...Hmm, it will be like Red Rose tea?

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Probably not as good as Red Rose Tea. I like Cannabis because it is low calorie and non-alcoholic. Seems kind of dumb to me to have Cannabis beer. But y'know.... Canada (sighs)


Also, Canadians can be Thankful that they don't have a stupid dumb f*** for President.
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