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Sep 18, 2019
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Hello all. I am in search of some help. I went to the dermatologist today because I was afraid my hair was getting thin. I was diagnosed with androgentic alopecia which is another way of saying female pattern baldness. Lots of women go through this and I know that it doesn’t have to do with me being vegan because they said it has to do with hormones and genetics.

Here is my question. Here are the options I was given.

1 - a hair pill called Nutrafol which isn’t vegan (some kind of fish) same for another pill called Viviscal.

2 - Rogaine - which I’m sure is tested on animals

2 - a prescription called Spironolactone which seems vegan but it makes you have to pee more (I should mention here that they said this is something I will have to control the rest of my life)

3- Platelet rich plasma injections - a process where they withdraw your blood and inject some of the platelets into your scalp. This is the most expensive option.

Does anyone have any experience with any of these and any thoughts on the non-vegan products?

Emma JC

Jun 15, 2017
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The most vegan product I know is reflexology and you can do it to yourself. Increasing blood flow is what is important, no? so if you google "reflexology for thinning hair" you will get some great information and if you really wish to know the power of whole body reflexology check out the book by Mildred Carter. It is my health bible.

Acupuncture would be the needle version of reflexology.

Emma JC
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