Greetings from Alabama!

Hi! I was just in Alabama recently visiting family (near Talledega). Not many vegan options, ;)
Thanks for the very warm welcome! So glad to be here. To be honest I am recommitting (again ... it takes me some time to get things right) to vegetarianism and eventually veganism. I kind of gave up when things got tough (too busy, too stressed, too stuck in the South). But my doc hit me with the hypertension diagnosis and I knew I had to do something other than meds. And my dad was recently diagnosed with cancer of the neck and is undergoing chemo and radiation, and well I'd like to do all I can to minimize my health risks. So I figured, "Back to being vegetarian." To motivate myself I watched Forks Over Knives and then saw Vegucated on the recommended list. I watched it on July 11 and between the health information and the reminder of just what animals go through in order to become food for people who don't need it, well, let's just say I'm back.