Good to see everyone again!

Mlp what is your avatar? Glancing at it without thinking, it looks like some kind of inflatable kids' pool. Looking closer it looks like part of a parrot or Hawaiian shirt :p
Thank you, everyone. It is really good to *see* all of you again.

Lord Snot, that's a close up of Ziggy, one of my blue and gold macaws. He was preening under his wing when I took the picture. We adopted him from rescue because my ex was set on having a macaw. Then he turned out to be scared of him - Ziggy was a bit of a handful for the first year or so - he had had a rough life. So Ziggy ended up bonding to me instead of my ex. And it turns out that he is the love of my life.
LOL, you can get into his good graces by singing him a *Ziggy* themed song.