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Jan 29, 2017
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Queensland, Australia
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Hi, I'm an aussie. Been vegetarian for most of my life (drove my parents nuts) Been making vegan choices more and more in my life. Not sure if it's a moral thing or not. I don't mind feeding my 5 indoor cats and 1 outdoor boy meat based food, and I can cook dairy and egg based food for my M.I.L. The only thing I haven't given up yet is organic honey. Everything else was so easy to let go.
Anyway looking forward to making new friends, new ideas and recipes.
cheers Alleycat

What's the weather currently like for you? It's freezing here in the UK. Summer can't come quick enough. :p

Anyway, welcome.
Hi Damo, so sorry I haven't replied to you before. Life gets in the way sometimes.
Summer was mild this year, mostly 30 to 35 degrees Celsius and the nights were in the mid 20 range. The winter (haha) has been lovely it was 26 degrees today and overnight will be about 14. But we live in Central Queensland, just into the tropic zone. So really only 2 seasons wet summer with high humidity or dry in the winter. What part of the U.K are you from ?
No worries! Life certainly does. :)

Mild? My god, it's 25 degrees celsius in the UK (west midlands) and I'm melting! Can't imagine what 30/35 must feel like...