For those in your life with health concerns about vegan diets

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Nov 18, 2017
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Cornell University is an Ivy League college with a stupendous reputation in the United States. Now you can earn a certification in "plant-based nutrition" from Cornell in six weeks on-line for about $1300.

I think this is an excellent tool for guiding those in your life who focus more on health or nutrition aspects, or those who have fears that their children won't be healthy on a vegan diet.

It can stand alone for your own education and credibility, or for the education of skeptics in your life. It also can apply credits towards dietitians, doctors, nurses and pharmacists to enrich their careers.
Great information, but let's not forget that

Vegan doesn't equal whole food plant based Vegan. It *used to* according to Donald Watson, who invented the term, but now currently it does not.

The site promotes whole food of plant origin only. Vegan by the current definition is more lax and allows you to eat otherwise unhealthy foods and drink (marginally to majorly, depending on what it is), just nothing of animal origin.