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Sep 12, 2017
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I am new to the forum. I am a person who loves eating food and travel across the world to explore tastes. As I am getting older, planning to settle and start a business related to food.

I have been searching for various ideas like starting a restaurant or something like that. I can afford some money so planning to start a small-scale food packaging plant. Before starting it, I have to go through various processes. Want to ensure the plant is safe and neat for the employees. I don't want to set up an unhealthy environment. As the food reaches thousands of people, I don't want to compromise on the quality.

I want to focus on some safety measures before starting this and I need your suggestion. Put some ideas on food safety measures, cleaning, maintenance, waste management, environmental hygiene etc.

Foodborne illness is very common and wants to implement some measures to prevent such a situation. When I was doing the research, I found some filters for food and beverage processing. They eliminate airborne pathogens in the production process. I want to know whether anyone has implemented such filters and what are the advantages. Waiting for your response on all the queries.

Thanks in advance.
I understand your concern about the food packaging! I really don't know anything about the safety measures, cleaning, and maintenance... But I am sure with some research and possibly some people here who can answer you will help!

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