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Jul 29, 2017
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**This is a free read/ ramble. Just wanted to post my thoughts out there because I haven't got to talk with other vegans yet. **

I've been on "diets" before and lost weight. I simply counted calories and exercised. I called it lifestyle changes but really the addiction to fast food and horrible food choices led me in reverse and even past the starting point. I was a prisoner to the dark monster.

I watched, "What the Health" on Netflix recently and my opinions changed. The show had flaws but I liked the science information. It got me thinking about my health. I realized i don't feel so great after eating steak or burgers. I love cheese but it's horrible for you. Society/ marketing says you must eat and grill meat. 32 years of following everyone's advice to eat dairy, eggs, and meat and now I decided it was time to change for the better.

What's interesting so far is the different perspective between only counting calories and becoming a vegan. Opening up any vegan website mentions iron and b-12 requirements and some others like omega 3 and the like. You'll also find strict information about balancing your meals to ensure you get all daily vitamins and minerals. You find things like avoid too much processed foods like mash potatoes which are empty calories. But if you only count calories, you would enjoy a heaping mound of potatoes next to your main dish without any thought. I never thought about nutrients, just counting calories.

I have opened my eyes to at least appreciate the work vegans do to plan meals and stay healthy. The task to give up animal and animal byproducts has allowed me to move on from the hold it had on me. I'm excited to see what the future holds!
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