Flushing, adrenal gland dysfunction

Amanda Margaret

Mar 30, 2017
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I have adrenal gland dysfunction and am currently taking a steroid.

Recently, it's gotten pretty bad and I've gotten blood work and gotten many things done. Basically, I'm running out of options.

My mom told me to start taking sepia tablets because the flushing had spread from my face down my neck. But, I read online that sepia tablets are made of dairy, lactose. I just can't find a specific website where they talk about ingredients. Whenever I google about sepia tablets, I can't find anything about it anywhere on whether it is vegan or not. Does anyone know?

I'm worried that there is no sepia tablet vegan option because I DID read on one website (that wasn't exactly credible) that sepia tablets are just sugar and dairy?

Does anyone have any info on this