Enough demand for another vegan donut shop in portland?


May 19, 2018
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Greetings friends,

I'm contemplating opening an all vegan donut shop in Portland, starting out as a food truck. Location unknown at this time.

My big question is do you think there is enough demand to support another 100% vegan donut merchant, taking into account the several other shops that have vegan options?

Doe Donuts offers good all vegan donuts but they only have one location in the SE. Blue Star isn't all vegan & same w/ Voodoo.

I will focus on making the donuts more unique with exciting flavor combinations plus savory options too.

What donut options & features would you like to see offered?

Any feedback is appreciated :)


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Jul 30, 2017
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Vancouver, BC
Welcome from BC, Canada!

Best of luck with your new business venture. I've heard Portland has a healthy vegan population. You have a popular annual Veg Fest there too, if I'm not mistaken. The next one might be a good place to showcase your products. I think the food truck is a great idea, since you can move it to different locations, and the overhead is a lot lower.

I used to work in food and hospitality for many years in many different capacities. I've always wanted my own food truck. I would probably still consider it if the opportunity knocked. I'd like to specialize in vegan gyros, falafels, or maybe vegan tacos...or all of them, but having a signature item is the key to success, from what I see. If you make that one thing better than all your competition, you can't fail.

Also, I don't know what sort of projected market Portland has for this type of food. The one thing I know about food though, is good food just about sells itself. So what I'm saying is that if your donuts taste better than Blue Star's, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Any of the successful food trucks I've ever seen usually have line-ups. People know their food is good, and they literally line up for it. So just make your donuts the best. Get the word out on social media.

Again, best of luck!


Jun 11, 2018
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South Dakota
Vegan newbie
I've been lightly considering going vegan for a while now (or at least, very gradually easing myself into it) and am so glad to have found this forum, but I just had to make an account after seeing this post! I'm originally from Portland myself and am moving back within the next couple of months. Your idea gets a big resounding YES from me! I currently live in South Dakota and there's not many vegan options here. I suspect it's much easier to go vegan when you have so many vegan options readily available, you know? I've got a massive sweet tooth, so trying out vegan alternatives to my favorite pastries is something I'd love to give a try. ❤

I'm not very well-versed in the donut world, so I can't really think of any donut ideas. Well, except for a vegan Nutella donut. That would be heaven on my taste buds.
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