Embedding videos

One of several TED YouTube channels, with links to their other channels, can be found here.
I forgot to mention that TED Talk has really, really good closed captioning; that's the only way I can watch those videos. Youtube has pretty crappy closed captioning. So that was one reason that I wanted to embed TED videos.
There may be a way for me to do it, but it requires some work. I'll try to look into it.

Edit: I found a recipe for how to do it. So I'll try to do it soon-ish, maybe later today.
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Had to modify the recipe a bit, seems to work now.

Edit: Eh, somehow doesn't allow us to select subtitles tho .... hmmm.

Edit 2: Ah, subtitles do work ... I was just confused, I guess :)
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IS - thank you! I didn't realize it would be a bit of a pain to do but I'm glad it works now!