Eating in venice


Jan 21, 2019
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Hi guys.

My wife and I are lacto vegetarians, though often when traveling we tend to go for vegan options.
We are visiting Venice soon. Having looked on happycow's Venice restaurant list we have noticed that the pure vegetarian/vegan places are less compared to places that serve meat but have veg options and we are really strict when it comes to cross contamination so don't usually eat at places the serve any meat or eggs.
Unfortunately la tecia vegana will be closed while we are there!
Just wanted to ask if the places that serve meat are careful when it comes to cross contamination? Or do they use mixed utensils and ovens?
Also do the places listed as vegetarian use egg on the premises?

Finally, we may do some day trips to places like Verona etc which also seem to have a few options. Any recommendations for any nearby (within 2 hours reach) places?


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Nov 20, 2018
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Southern California, USA
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One of the things I have struggled with since becoming a whole food vegan (and especially one who doesn't drink alcohol) is my long time romance with with eating out at restaurants. I have already decided that the only place I would go to sit down and consume anything on my next trip is coffee or tea at cafes, and I'll be spending a lot of time buying fruits and veggies at the supermarkets and eating in my hotel, at the park, or on the go. In a way, it's fine with me. it's probably cheaper, and I'll have more time (and $) to see and do more, and meet more people.